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Two Pack Sample

Two Pack Sample

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Try our sample packs before purchasing a big bag.  You'll receive one sample bag of Aumoe and Haumanu..  Each pack is a single serving.

  • Boost energy
  • Calming & balancing
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Support immunity
  • Gut health
  • Caffeine free

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    Taupata (Coprosma Repens) is a hardy coastal native and a relation to Karamu. It was traditionally used by Māori for kidney and bladder inflammation. Being a coastal plant, its minerals and nutrients support gut flora and fortify the body.

    Rimurimu is the Maori name for seaweed. We use Ecklonia Radiata or brown kelp that is wild harvested in New Zealand, dried and powdered. Maori traditionally used seaweed to supplement their diet and as medicine.

    Rimurimu is an excellent source of natural iodine which is an essential mineral nutrient required for optimal thyroid health. It contains high concentrations of a range of other minerals and trace elements, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc.

    An optimally functioning thyroid has far reaching health benefits, such as balancing hormones, improved sleep, more efficient digestion, breathing, heart rate, body weight (and metabolism), muscle strength, menstrual cycles, cholesterol levels, all of which can be impacted by thyroid function.


    AUMOE Ingredients
    *Coconut milk powder: organic tapioca and acacia gum, *coconut sugar, *butterfly pea flower powder, *superfood powder (organic beetroot, lucuma, maqui and acai), ground vanilla bean powder, rimurimu (Ecklonia Radiata: wild harvested in NZ, raw brown kelp powder)

    HAUMANU Ingredients:
    Taupata (Coprosma Repens), *raw cacao butter, *carob *coconut milk powder: organic tapioca and acacia gum, *coconut sugar, *Ceylon cinnamon, sea salt

    *Indicates organic ingredient


    Please consult with your health professional before use if you have any concerns.
    AUMOE contains high levels of naturally occurring iodine. Those with thyroid issues should seek advice before using.

    Allergens: MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: Crustacea, Fish, Molluscs



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