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Haumanu - Revive

Haumanu - Revive

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Haumanu is blended in honour of Hineahuone -Earth Formed Maiden and first human.  She was created from the red earth of Papatuānuku.

Indulge in the calming flavour of hot chocolate made with carob and cacao butter.  Raw cacao butter lends a velvety smoothness to the blend. Sweetened with a touch of organic coconut sugar, Ceylon cinnamon, and sea salt, this beverage is perfect for unwinding and relaxing.

Enjoy the benefits:

  • Boost energy
  • Calming & balancing
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Support immunity
  • Gut health
  • Caffeine free

We have added freshness packets to our pouches to absorb moisture and keep our blends fresh and dry.

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TAUPATA (Coprosma Repens)

A hardy coastal native and a relation to Karamu. It was traditionally used by Māori for kidney and bladder inflammation. Being a coastal plant, its minerals and nutrients support gut flora and fortify the body.


Taupata (Coprosma Repens), *raw cacao butter, *carob *coconut milk powder: organic tapioca and acacia gum, *coconut sugar, *Ceylon cinnamon, sea salt

*Indicates organic ingredient

Taupata (Coprosma Repens) wild harvested in New Zealand. A relation to Karamu, Taupata was traditionally used by Maori for kidney and bladder inflammation. It is a coastal shrub and contains minerals and nutrients to support gut health and fortify the body.

Organic carob powder is a caffeine-free chocolate replacement, high in fibre, calcium and potassium. It has a milder flavour than cocoa or cacao.

Organic raw cacao butter adds a silky creaminess to this blend. It is a healthy fat, rich in nutrients and antioxidants which may help to boost your mood and energy levels.

Organic coconut milk powder is a dairy free plant-based milk. High in MCT's - healthy fats. High in antioxidants to support the immune system.

Organic coconut sugar: a natural sweetener, low GI, sweet caramel flavour.

Organic Ceylon cinnamon: Cinnamon is a universal spice with many beneficial properties including digestive aid, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, warming and grounding, anti-viral and anti-fungal.

Sea salt: used to enhance the taste of the carob.


Please consult with your health professional before use if you have any concerns.



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Customer Reviews

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Nadia Keogh
Nadia Keogh

I love your product! First purchased some at the Iwi Chairs stall, just wanting to tautoko local I'm hooked! I'm enjoying it every day x

Tia Yazzie

Haumanu - Revive

Vanessa Kururangi
My fav

I absolutely love Haumanu. Both haumanu and aumoe are delicious and nothing like any other hot drink I've had before. I've ordered, reordered, and reordered again. My friends and family "steal" my packets, and tbh I can't even be mad about it. Awesome product that will be a staple in my whare for a very long time. Thanks!

Heather Kuka

Similar to the amazingness of Aumoe but with a stronger choccy hit, absolutely delicious and pairs so well with a yummy hot miraka. A winner for sure and off the bat gives you warm fuzzies and good vibes. I look forward to enjoying more of them both over the coming days.

Paige Ranapia
Haumanu review

I really enjoy the haumanu blend with 2 tablespoons as it makes the latte extra creamy. I've has also added haumanu to my icecream and smoothies, which comes out tasting great! Highly reccomend this product!